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My work as a ghostwriter has been published in high-profile periodicals, with a focus in business and lifestyle.  

You know the deal. I can't actually tell you what I've written or where I've been published, but I'll share what I can. I have ghostwritten for a number of different clients in various business verticals. I work with my clients to match their voice, creating personalized content. Contact me at for more info.  


How Travel Helped Me Conquer My Social Anxiety - And How It Didn't

MATADOR network

"When I moved overseas to the small country of Georgia, I underestimated how difficult it would be. I’d hoped to be placed in a small village—somewhere remote and idyllic (and quiet). But instead I was placed in the heart of the city of Tbilisi." [read more]


Review writing

The Review Review

"Bloody hearts and slit bellies. Gravel and meth and fucking. Tequila. Copper. Guns. Nestled between it all, there’s a poem..." [read more]

The Texas Review
"Opening the pages of this issue was like entering a rich and varied world. One of texture and color, of unbelonging..." [read more]

Indiana Voice Journal
"... poems about autumn and stories about grandmothers. Even the special feature on zombies has an unmitigated sweetness to it..." [read more]

"I had the feeling that many of the writings in this journal were written longhand. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know...." [read more]


Cinque Terre: An Italian Fairytale

The Savvy Gal

"You step off the train and at first see only the gray interior of the station. But luckily, as you turn the corner, the gray fades away into a storybook scene — pastel-colored houses, grapevines, bright lemons hanging from trees, the Mediterranean Sea splashing gently against the shore..." [read more]


Steepster - Find and Discuss Great Tea

App Vita

"If you’re a tea drinker, you’ll no doubt be excited to hear about the new tea-lover’s website, Steepster. Steepster functions as both a tea log and a sort of social networking site..." [read more]


Educational Workbook Writer

Puzzlewise Books

Sample text:  

"Energy is everywhere. It comes in many different forms. Grown-ups use it. Kids use it. Even plants use energy! Energy is the power to do work.

Energy—from the sun to your…stomach!?

The sun provides light energy. That’s the energy we can see! Plants also use this. But plants are hard workers. Light energy changes into food energy inside them." [learn more]