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He Survived, But I Still Grieve

Human Parts, Jul 2019

"Cars scare me. Phone calls, too. Hospitals. Loving someone. The list goes on. I am continually grieving the life I had before I was afraid all the time." [read more]


How to Say “I’m a Writer” and Mean It

Literary Hub, Jan 2019

"I hate saying I’m a writer. I hate the way people’s faces light up, as though I’ve told them my secret kink." [read more]


On Failure and Beautiful Quiet: Reading Jack Gilbert in Tbilisi

Off Assignment, Dec 2018

"Tbilisi felt like this in 2011: like a city straining forward. Perhaps I was drawn there for this reason. At twenty-four I too strained to see around the corner of my life..." [read more]



Post Road Magazine, Forthcoming

"In the day she rumbled over jagged rocks, wheels turning on a dime. The world worked like this for her: When she asked the wheels to turn, the wheels turned. She was a woman who got what she wanted. She didn’t want much. She was my shuttle bus driver and her name was..."


Trying to Conceive

Creative Nonfiction, Fall 2017: Science & Religion Issue (print only)

"It’s not difficult to imagine a line. First, close your eyes. Remember when you were a child and noticed everything about the world: the light stretching just so across the baseball field, the white dog fur on the kitchen floor, the map-like lines on your mother’s stomach..." [in print]


How I Injured Myself Reading Elif Batuman's The Idiot

Fiction Advocate, May 2017

"The Idiot is not a satisfying read. At times it feels like a bird’s eye view of the most boring parts of college—and of life. In my notes, I wrote, “Where’s the fucking?”..." [read more]


Learning How to Talk to My Ovaries

Motherwell, May 2017

"The doctor said it was a dermoid cyst, full of hair and teeth. He poked at it with the wand. See that, he’d said, prodding. That’s the hair inside of it, moving..." [read more]


Literary reviews for the Review Review

The Review Review, May 2017 - present

"Bloody hearts and slit bellies. Gravel and meth and fucking. Tequila. Copper. Guns. Nestled between it all, there’s a poem..." [read more]

The Texas Review
"Opening the pages of this issue was like entering a rich and varied world. One of texture and color, of unbelonging..." [read more]

Indiana Voice Journal
"... poems about autumn and stories about grandmothers. Even the special feature on zombies has an unmitigated sweetness to it..." [read more]

"I had the feeling that many of the writings in this journal were written longhand. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know...." [read more]


Sex, Drugs, and a Live Podcast Recording

Defenstration, Nov 2016

"Will there be drugs? What do you think? Alcohol? Sex? This is a live podcast recording. Anything can happen. And will..." [read more]


Grown Up Words

The Nervous Breakdown, Sep 2013

"His name was Jeremiah and he was in my preschool class. He was five years old, tall for his age. His parents were divorced and he had an older brother, which meant he knew words like ass and hell..." [read more]